It all started when…

My now husband FINALLY proposed! When we started “wedding planning” and all the different traditions and customs began to take shape in our wedding, I wanted to put my own twist on everything. I wanted to combine our Indian and American culture into the wedding.

After talking to friends and family, I realized most of their mangalsutras (traditional indian necklace comprised of black beads and gold) ended up in a safe. So when we started looking at different mangalsutras, I really wanted one I could wear every day. I wanted something more modern but still inspired by what a mangalsutra traditionally means. After searching everywhere and not finding what I wanted, I decided to design one myself. Of course, this was no surprise to my family and friends because of my background in fashion design and buying.

These pieces have now become part of my everyday jewelry routine! They are easy, effortless pieces that you can layer into your existing jewelry line-up. I want girls to know there doesn’t have to be a specific reason, event or time period in their life to wear this jewelry. They can always wear a little piece of the Indian culture in a more modern way.

Most pieces are designed with either black onyx beads or black diamonds. The color black in the Indian culture is said to ward off the evil of others and protect you from the evil eye (nazar). Nazar is based on the idea that some people might look at what you have and impose negative thoughts through jealousy which can cause misfortune and bad luck.

Jewelry designed with influences from the Indian culture with hints of black always protecting you 🖤.

effortless, inspirational, protected

Hope you love!